Stamps from St Helena and Tristan da Cunha

artwork by Roland Svensson

St Helena 1983 (Jan 14) Views of St Helena

Stanley Gibbons no 407-410

King and Queen Rocks
Coastline from Jamestown
Mundens Point


Tristan da Cunha 1972 (Jun 1)

Stanley Gibbons no 170-173

Under sail for Nightingale Island


Tristan da Cunha 1976 (Oct 4) Paintings(ser 1)

Stanley Gibbons no 207-210

Island Cottage
The Potato Patches
Edinburgh from the sea


Tristan da Cunha 1978 (Mar 1) Paintings(ser 2)

Stanley Gibbons no 234-237

St Mary's church
A Tristan home
The harbour


Tristan da Cunha 1980 (Feb 29) Paintings(ser 3)

Stanley Gibbons no 272-275

Stoltenhoff Island
Nightingale from the east
The Administrator's Abode
Ridge where the goat jump off

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first published in South Atlantic Chronicle Oct 2003 - with kind permission from the author


Sweden 1996 (May 24) Summer in art

Facit no 1963

Summer evening in Stora Nassa Archipelago


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